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Life Insurance

Life Insurance you Don’t have to Die to Use

LIFE INSURANCE is a powerful financial tool that can be used to meet many needs.  Since it’s inception life insurance has been viewed primarily to provide a death benefit when a key family member is gone.

But over the years life insurance has evolved to provide a multitude of financial applications including cash value accumulation, estate planning, wealth transfer and tax free income for retirement.

NOW, life insurance with Living Benefits can provide much needed funds while an insured is still living!life Insurance

It is a fact that people are living longer and the survival rate continues to increase for those who suffer critical illnesses like cancer and heart attack and stroke.

Although major medical insurance can cover the majority of the cost of treatment, what will families do to replace lost income, or the need to have assistance during the recovery period?

Policies with Living Benefits can accelerate the death benefit and provide funds if the insured becomes terminally ill, chronically ill, or critically ill.